To address the current training challenges that most first responders experience, we’ve developed an online system to organize information, provide online and off-line training opportunities, and manage individual or team training data.

In late March 2021, the Active Response System (ARS) will debut its online Learning Management System (LMS) and information portal.  First responders and team managers will be able to access our LMS where they will be able to manage their learning records, register for online and in-person training, as well as access to information resources.  Team managers can register and manage their team or organization’s training record, as well as develop and present their own training material that would be available only for their team members or accessible to other registered learners.

We have created a system where registered learners can harvest the resources of the community and share their own knowledge and material to help improve their own first responder programs, while contributing to help improve the system for all.

How do I register?
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